Exhibition: Sounds like architecture
Organisation: ‘The Enchanted Wood’
Soundtrack: ‘Luxta’: Stijn Degezelle
Curator: Michel Dewilde and Arne Deforce
Photographic print on canvas, hung in the woods
500cm x 320cm (= maximum dimensions)

A cruise ship on the Bosporus and the slums in South Africa were forced to an impossible encounter with their architecture of wealth and poverty.

For the exhibition ‘Sounds like architecture’ the collaboration with musician Stijn De Gezelle seemed like a logical step: Stijn created for this photograph the soundscape ‘Luxta’.

The cruise ship as a high-tech given – that wants to be a symbol of a new ‘pure’ time in all her polished finishing and rigidity – does not escape his own history.

In analogy with ‘Sounds like architecture’, sounds like blocks, elements of construction, this soundscape consists of four musical motives, two by two. ‘A South African traditional’ and a ‘plantation song’ functions as foundation, contrasted by a contemporary rock- and waltz motif. Tradition and history acts as a balast for the idea of renewal. The latter tries to free itself from the former, trying to escape responsibility, but failing.

First both image and sound remain enigmatic, but all of a sudden everything becomes clear.