Marianne Turck is a visual artist, but she does not limit herself to one medium. Depending on the idea, a certain tool is used to visualize the outcome. Therefore, through the eyes of a visual artist she uses different media to expand here body of work, such as: photography, video, performance, drawings, and digital work.

She focused on day to day reality and observes people during their most ordinary activities. Further on she is inspired by how we interact with each other, the encounters and how this is translated by our body language in today’s time and space.

Experimental dance is a very important source of inspiration. She possesses an extreme fondness for works in which the perfection of movements and lineation of the human body are accentuated.

Therefore the leitmotiv throughout her work is to be found in the elegant contours and movement of a shape.

Encounters, transparency and repetition ­–recognizable concepts within the dance scene- are a major part of her work.

Her work is rarely loud, rather subtle, and therefore, it emits strength through silence.

A talk with the artist