Dance of confrontations


Exhibition: ‘Moving Image’ – Aalter
Organisator: The Enchanted Woods

Arne Deforce(cello) – Eva Dewaele(dance) – Marianne Turck(concept en video)

In the performance ‘Dance of Confrontations’ three artists and six individuals are trying to find the limits of their respective disciplines. With music, video an dance they confuse the viewer with their eternal battle, their restless quest for shape. They reshape the stage as an arena for continued threat, desperation, only interrupted by a blue image: a vacuum in the stream of desperate moments, a deceptive rest.

In the beginning, time, space and body are in apparent harmony: the timeless blue screen in which each image becomes possible; the musician with his instrument, the dancer classically visualizes her movements. What we hear is what we see.
But soon this seems to bore them, they loose control over their instrument. The dancer wanders restless on the scene, her body takes over, dances her, while the musician is in a battle with his instrument, and challanges her. The dancer searches with her body the limits of space. It is like she wants to escape until she, only a shadow on the blue screen, disappears in a dark corner. The musician drags his instrument in a attempt to get her back – questioning, seductive, almost plaintive. Two characters in the virtual space of the video visualize the confrontation. Limitation of space becomes a time continuum.
Awaiting, threatening, but inescapable, they become one with an intense contest without end, again and again. It is a continued power struggle, between the classical muse and unleashed creative drive. Between imitating, playing and recreating. ‘Dance of Confrontations’ makes the spectator into a seventh character.

Fiorella Stinders