I think I like physical and mental strength. Feeling a body in movement and touch.

The thinking of the individual and the resulting behaviour and relationships between humans interest me. I am naturally inspired by intuition, and only rarely by the rational.

Often ‘coincidence’ changes my original thought, while being conscious of ever-greater conciousness. I attempt to bring the combination of the physical, the philosophical and the sensitive in my visual work, videos and performances.

I like to watch people, I touch their bodies while creating my work, but I also touch their thougths. The model thus becomes prominent in my work and continues to remain present like a mist.

During the creation process I do not aspire formal perfection, but rather an intuitive approach towards reality, a shadow. Some images are almost invisible because of their transparency, but gain strong physical presence and charge because of this. This is probably my way of writing: some sort of visual poetry.

My images are not static, because I always try to capture movement in the image as the consequence of different emotions. Hence, I can endlessly enjoy experimental dance, and often find my inspiration there.

The link with video is easily made: through movement I can model time. Because of my passion for dance, I stood at the cradle of several dance productions. The red threat running through my work is drawing the lines and movements of a shape. In the lines the identity of a shape resides.