The meeting


Exhibition: Waldweben – Sint-Maria-Aalter
Soundtrack: Peter Vermeersch – Flat Earth Society
Organisation: Teh Enchanted Woods
Curator: Michel Dewilde

The earlier recording of the dance performance ‘Street Dance’ in New York/Central Park was the impulse of new video’s,  performances, photographs and visual works.

Not only dancers, but also passers-by and spectators are the inspirational source of the video ‘The Meeting’. This video was designed with te drawn line figures. Diverse figures move along the screen as if on a stage. Here and there one figure meets another, while others halt a moment before continuing. From time to time they touch each other briefly, when points of contact illuminate, others are entangled, dance…

Musician Peter Vermeersch create the accompanying soundtrack, choosing the sound of the aleatory and nonchalance.

Everything just happens, in between the lines.