From 0 to 9

Choreography litteraly means drawing circles in space. Everybody draws circles, circles as stability, to avoid falling. Both dancers, whereof one dancer is blind, experience the space by groping and dance their own circuits, their own reality.

Computer voice: braille computer

Cry – Ozark Henry:
The visual reality is all around her, imposes her laws.

Infra 8 – Max Richter
Always feeling, trying not to fall

Video – ‘I want to sing’: braille fills the whole space, as music notes they create their own music score.

Satellite of Love – Milla Jovovich
After nine steps she could fall

We have a map of the piano – MUM
Tim draws his own ‘scientific reality’, draws with his body numbers from 0 to 9.

Video: ‘invisible mass’ (headcamera)
With her white walking stick she ‘hears’ space and draws her line in the environment.
A headcamera sees what she does not see.

Fratres – Arvo Pärt
Video: ‘ Carrousel’ (head camera)
turning and spinning,
do not fall!